We believe trust comes from knowing the people behind the company.

Choosing the right web development company is a big decision. That’s why we believe in building strong working relationships with our clients. So here’s a little about who we are and what it means to be Atmist.

Our Values

Our Mission: to assist the community by providing creative web solutions.

Our philosophy: a team that communicates and gets along will create great work together. This belief is why we embrace weekly team lunches and celebrate completing every project by going out for dinner. By recognizing milestones as a team, we’ll continue to unitedly help clients leverage the web to support their goals. At Atmist, we believe every problem has a solution.

Our Team

Mike Chow

Business Development

With 15+ years experience in the IT industry, Mike has developed a knack for turning requirements from clients into successfully completed applications. Anyone who meets Mike says he is direct and to-the-point. His honesty and advice are always appreciated. In his free time, Mike experiments with technology and is a fan of 80’s arcade games.

Joel Kravets

Architect and Developer

Joel dedicates himself one hundred percent to anything he tries. And yes, this means the word “hobby” is something unknown to him. His determination makes him a talented developer who can make any piece of code run perfectly. When he’s not working for clients, Joel is interested in game development and any activity involving physical fitness.

Adam Krogh

Architect and Developer

Growing up on a farm, Adam learned the benefits of determination and hard work. This is evident in his strong work ethic and dedication to learning all the intricacies of development. In his spare time, he works on developing new web apps, is an avid reader, and appreciates sitting down to a good beer every once and awhile.

Darcy Chan

Graphic Designer and Developer

Darcy is the talent behind the look and feel of our web apps. He focuses on creating and implementing the styles needed to make our work look good. This includes creating assets, logos, color schemes, layouts, and more. When he’s not designing...he’s still creating! Darcy is also an artist who can draw anything and everything.

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