Friday Five: 5 Places To Find WordPress Themes

Friday Five: 5 Places To Find WordPress Themes

WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). What the heck is a content management system? Essentially, it’s a system that allows you create and manage your content, without having to change any code or technical configurations. How is this possible? CMS makes it easy to edit content by avoiding static pages. Traditional web pages have text within code, thereby making page updates arduous. However, CMS separates the content from the framework and the layout specifications. The best part of the separation is that you can easily change the “theme” of your website at any time! As such, here’s five places where you can find themes for your WordPress site:

1. WordPress

I know, I know. Finding WordPress themes on WordPress is brand new information. However, I thought it deserved mentioning for two reasons. First, WordPress provides both standard and premium themes. The standard themes are free to use and are a cost-saving alternative. The premium themes are for purchase and average around $70 dollars. Secondly, if you’re using the infrastructure of WordPress’ hosting services, you will need to choose one of these themes. doesn’t support the upload of custom themes. To have a custom theme, you will need to use another hosting service for your WordPress site. For more information, visit WordPress Support.

2. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is a great place to purchase themes – and not just WordPress themes! They also have templates ranging from various eCommerce platforms to email marketing. The best part about Theme Forest is the diversity they offer. Individuals can join the community and become an “author” – allowing them to sell their own templates on the Theme Forest marketplace. ┬áMost templates on the site come with a price tag, so just remember to check out the live demos and user ratings before purchasing a theme! Theme prices average at $50 dollars for a regular license. If you would like to learn more about the creators of Theme Forest, check out Envato.

3.Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes offers custom themes and plugins for WordPress. What makes their website interesting is they offer subscription-based options instead of the usual pay-per-theme. They have three pricing options: the personal plan at $39 dollars per year, the developer plan at $89 dollars per year, and lifetime access at $249 dollars with no annual fee. No matter what pricing option you choose, you have access to all themes (the current count is at 85). This proves to be a wonderful option for the indecisive (like me). Changing themes is easy and affordable!

4. StudioPress

Themes at StudioPress use a website framework called Genesis. Features of Genesis include search engine optimization, enhanced security, and instant updates. Many of the themes from StudioPress are tailored for business, education, and magazine-styled content. Theme prices are approximately $80 per theme, or you can purchase the Pro Plus Package for $349. 95, which includes access to every theme with support and updates.

5. Premium WordPress

Although this website doesn’t sell any themes, it is a valuable resource for finding theme retailers. Features include theme galleries, categories, and articles with WordPress and theme-related tips. But the most useful part of this website is the “Theme Shops” section where you can browse various reputable theme retailers.

What’s your favourite place to find WordPress themes?

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