What is Book It Bridal?

What is Book It Bridal?

In my earlier post, “Do you need an explainer video for your new idea?“, I promised to talk about a new startup idea we are working on.  That idea is Book It Bridal.

Book It Bridal (BIB) is an online application to connect future newlyweds with local bridal services by allowing couples to book consultations directly with vendors.

We’re pretty busy right now trying to roll out a beta by January 2013 as our very first minimum viable product (MVP).  I’m trying to incorporate some of the ideas from Eric Ries’ “Lean Startup“.  To elaborate, an MVP is simply the minimum amount of work necessary to get feedback from potential clients.  Hopefully, this feedback can assess the viability of our idea and help us to make the necessary course corrections to improve Book It Bridal.

My background is primarily in development but in the last few years, I’ve been working as a business analyst.  For Book It Bridal, my focus is currently on marketing and I have to admit it’s pretty challenging.  There is definitely a difference between gathering requirements as opposed to working out a strategy to sell a new service.  I admit to being a marketing novice but I’m learning very quickly.

We’re a team of six ambitious entrepreneurs.  We’ve setup our office and purchased all necessary equipment including a new 46” TV that we use for meetings and demos.  Some believe this is an unnecessary luxury for a startup and we should be working out of a garage or to simply use Skype.  However, I personally believe that working together in an office will definitely improve our communication and collaboration for rolling out Book It Bridal.

In addition to BIB, we also follow up on consulting opportunities to help feed us and to fund our startup.

More updates to come!

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