DemoCamp Edmonton 26: We Presented Neuromembrane

DemoCamp Edmonton 26: We Presented Neuromembrane

On November 18th,  DemoCamp Edmonton 26 took place. For those who don’t know what DemoCamp Edmonton is, it’s an event where developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs can share what they’ve been working on with the community. For more information, visit the main page here or the event’s page here.

Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to present at this event. Our demo was on one of our client projects: Neuromembrane. This web app teaches students about neuroscience concepts. There are seven types of simulations it can run, including resting potential and action potential.

However, the best part of this project is the benefit it provides to students. The animations provide visualizations of the experiments. Additionally, there’s a graph of the experiment and students can print the results for assignment submissions.

Here are a picture of our team members, Adam and Joel, presenting at DemoCamp:

Presenting Neuromembrane At DemoCamp 26

The other presentations were by Glazr Software, ShareRentables, TeachMe, and StormBoard.  For a full recap of the event, read this post from Mastermaq’s Blog.

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