Spark Your Creativity With Daily Inspiration. Introducing Write Often.

Spark Your Creativity With Daily Inspiration. Introducing Write Often.

We were out at a restaurant having a company dinner and started talking about what’s popular in today’s app industry. Our discussion lead to the topic of writing and the rise of self publishing. The barrier to entering the world of writers is lower now than ever before. This made us wonder about how we could help people develop such a prevalent skill. The creative process behind writing is often hampered by the all-too-common “writers block.” Many practice daily writing to lower this creative barrier. However, this type of solution soon becomes an exercise in futility if one is without inspiring writing topics. This became the initial seed for our idea:

Can we help writers practice their craft by providing daily inspiration?

What if a service offered direction by providing inspiring topics daily? This creative skill could be sparked through thought-provoking images, snippets of sentences, or even the beginning of a dialogue. A different topic every day to spark your creativity.

Write Often

Write Often is a community dedicated to helping aspiring writers practice their craft. Each day we will release a new inspiring topic that will spark your imagination and your desire to write. However, where you choose to take this topic is completely up to you. Through our app you will be able to share your writing with the world, gain helpful feedback from the community, and further develop your writing skills through reading what others have wrote. Practice makes perfect: Write Often.

Cool, What’s The Catch?

No catch. Our goal is to build a community around helping writers practice their craft. We don’t want to leave anyone out, so we’re making the app completely free. Just sign up and start writing.

When Can I Start?

Currently, we’re ironing out the design and layout. As soon as we reach that milestone, we’ll begin development. Write Often is just a couple months away from its beta launch!

If you’d  like to help out – by providing feedback or participating in our beta – head over to the signup page and enter in your email address. We also encourage you to follow us on social media for some updates on our progress. Follow Write Often on Twitter (@write_often) and Google+ (+WriteOften). You may visit Write Often at

Sahir Memon

Sahir is the creator of Write Often, an app for writers. As a developer and tech enthusiast he spends his time either creating apps or playing around with the latest toys.

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