Our Website Has A New Look

Our Website Has A New Look

Welcome to the new Atmist website! You may have noticed some changes around here. We felt our site should reflect our personality. Previously, we were using a pre-made WordPress template. But after spending some time to come up with our own creative design, voila: our new WordPress theme is here. It’s 100% custom-made by Atmist. Here are some of the changes we’ve made to our website:

A New Logo

We added a symbol to our name. It’s a slanted water droplet containing a light bulb. The water droplet represents the “mist” part of our name. The sideways slant is to capture the originality of our projects. As for the light bulb, it symbolizes innovation and new ideas, since we spend most of our time building unique custom applications. The light bulb also contains an “@” symbol to represent the “at” portion of our name.

A New Look

We tried to use color as much as possible. From the bold blue first seen on the homepage to the splashes of color on the services page, these touches can be found throughout the site. Our goal was to use color to represent all the different types of apps we can create, as well as reflect how different each of our client projects are.  

Images and Icons

Aside from the blog graphics, our graphic designer has created all the images and icons seen on our website. We added more screenshots of past projects, icons to highlight features of our work, and pictures of our team members. We hope the additional images create visual appeal and help you get to know us better. 

Homepage Layout

Our homepage serves as an introduction to the content on our site. It has a summary of our services, recent projects, and blog posts. However, we decided against following the design trend of placing all of the website content onto the homepage. Why? Because we felt prospective clients would appreciate more detailed explanations about our services and projects. For example, we’re often asked what a web application is and how it differs from a website.

Page Descriptions

By adding content to the top of every page, we tried to create context around the information we’re presenting. Our goal was to provide more of a voice and narrative to our website. Moving from page to page should tell a story and highlight: who we are, what we do, what we’ve made, and how to contact us.

Our Services

Our services have not changed, but the way we display them has. We decided to show our services by the types of web apps we create. Previously, we had listed services like development, design and e-commerce. However, these were items that are included in most projects and did not properly illustrate the final product.

A Detail Page For Every Service

We decided to add a dedicated page for every service. Previously, all of our service information was on a single page. It was important to us to explain the services we offer in more detail. The question we asked ourselves while explaining every service is “how would [blank] help me?”

A Detail Page For Every Project

A common piece of feedback we heard from people was they want to see what our work looks like. However, the nature of web apps is most of them are password protected.  And it’s true – most of our clients’ projects are password protected. Because web apps are built to perform a specific task for a specific group of people, they usually require users to authenticate before viewing the application. So we decided to add a detailed page for every project. Hopefully these pages will provide more explanations and examples of past client work. So that’s it! These are the major changes we’ve made to our website.  We’ll continue to tweak the site, in an effort to make it the best that it can be. Let us know what you think about the new design! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Sarah Katyi

An alumna of the University of Alberta, Sarah graduated with a degree in business. In her spare time, she is an Oilers fan, entrepreneur, yoga-lover, and paint-by-numbers expert.

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