24/7 Edmonton

A mobile app for case workers to collect data on location.

The Client

REACH Edmonton brought together the 24/7 Mobile Assistance Program (operated by Bissell Centre), with Homeward Trust, Boyle Street Community Services Outreach Team and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to develop an app for Edmonton’s street outreach workers.

The Problem

Creating an app to support outreach workers in the field while remaining compatible with the software outreach teams are already using to manage their client data. Staff should be able to track and update client information in real-time.

The Solution

A mobile app (for both iOS and Android devices) allowing outreach workers to update client information while on location, a web application for staff to view real-time data about the mobile assistance program, and a web service to facilitate communication with existing software.

Mobile Workflow

The iOS and Android app was built using PhoneGap, a mobile development framework allowing users to generate apps for multiple platforms. Outreach workers install the app on their mobile device. This way, they can update client information while they’re on location and talking with clients.

Third-Party Integration

A web service facilitates communication between the mobile app and the case management tool used by various outreach programs. The mobile app uses a web API from the third-party software to securely update client information.


The mobile app allows outreach workers to geotag their location based upon the GPS data of their mobile device. When a worker is meets with a client, they can specify their current location or pick a location on the map.

Data Aggregation

The web application provides maps and graphs for each participating outreach program. This allows staff to identify peak times and areas of high activity. An important part of this project was to identify hot spots for high-needs individuals in vulnerable neighborhoods.

"Well done and we look forward to the continuing adoption of this innovative tool!"

— Lindsay, REACH Edmonton

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