Alberta Chinese Women Health Project

A survey tool with educational resources and language options.

The Client

The Yasui Biostatics Research Team focuses on developing and applying epidemiological methods to the intersection of biology and public health. One area the team is currently researching is cervical cancer in Chinese women.

The Problem

Cultural challenges and language barriers exist when encouraging Chinese women to take preventative screening exams for cervical cancer. The team wanted to educate Chinese women about cervical cancer, connect them with screening services, and understand the current pattern of uptake.

The Solution

We designed the app to be mobile friendly, so using a particular device will not detract a user from participating. There is an initial survey to collect information from the study participant, as well as a six month follow-up survey. Additionally, users can select between three language options (English, Mandarin, or Cantonese) and view information on cervical cancer and pap tests. Lastly, the study administrators can export anonymous survey responses for analysis.


We added locale components to the web app so it could be internationalized to different languages.This means languages can be added or changed in text files, without having to re-engineer the entire code base.

Data Export

Through a management interface, study administrators can export all the survey results in a CSV file. As new participants enter information into the website, the admins can re-download the CSV file to obtain updated results.


The questionnaires are content driven. This means responses of the participant drive which of the following questions appear. This is possible because logic is embedded within the questionnaires to determine “if this, then that.”

Automated Follow-up Emails

From the time a participant completes their first survey, a follow-up email is scheduled to be sent in six months. Once the date hits, an automated scheduler sends follow-up emails to all participants with that date.

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