Male Spouse Transition Toolkit

An online toolkit for helping male spouses of partners with cancer.

The Client

From the Faculty of Nursing at the UofA, Wendy’s main focus is to enhance quality of life for older adults and their families. Her current work helps guide male spouses through preparing for potential life changes while caring for their partners with cancer.

The Problem

Although a paper version of the toolkit already existed, she wanted to create an online version that could reach more people with greater convenience. It was important that the online version retain core values, ensure privacy, and be able to change content shown.

The Solution

Participants can write down thoughts and upload pictures using a rich-text editor. They can also add people to a contacts list, record medications, and mark appointments into a calendar. The administrator can edit/create/delete the sections participants see inside the app. They can also manage participants, but they cannot view the participants’ private information. The web app is mobile-friendly, so participants can access their information at any time.


Our goal was for males to feel comfortable using the application. In the logo, the compass represents the search for direction. Since the app is about breast cancer, the breast cancer logo was also included.

Manage Study Participants

The admin interface provides staff with the ability to manage participants. They can view the list of users, change their email addresses, and send password reset links.

Content Management

The toolkit shows participants various content sections with images and text. This content can be changed by admins. They can add, edit, and delete the various sections.

Calendar & Reminders

A calendar is provided for participants to track appointments. They can also add reminders to these events, which sends an email notification at the selected time.

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