Collect ores and avoid mines to become the next legendary miner!

The Client

We wanted to build a game that would be enticing to both casual and more experienced gamers. Entertainment for individuals who enjoy spending their spare moments playing short, but challenging games.

The Problem

Designing a game to include simple and fun elements, while also appealing to skilled players. Our goal was for players to be curious about their limits and to try achieving new high scores in limited time.

The Solution

We looked at elements of other casual games to identify what players enjoy. We were inspired to create a game that combined puzzles with twitch gameplay (testing the reaction time of players).


All graphics were created internally by our talented graphic designer. We used an isometric perspective (a way of showing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions) to show the depth of the mine shaft.


The game is designed to last 15-20 minutes from start to end. This way, players don’t need to commit too much time if they want to try for a better score. Additionally, our new way of purchasing upgrades creates a unique game experience every time.

Game Balancing

The mining tools were designed to be useful. Learning when to upgrade these tool will help players achieve the best score. Additionally, in-game bonuses can push scores to the next level and make the tools more valuable.


We encrypted the local game save file (which prevents hackers from simply editing it) and created our own variable protection to slow down anyone who tries to use memory altering programs. We also obfuscated the source code, which prevents people from decompiling the game to find secret encryption keys.

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