Transformation of a legacy parking application into a robust parking management system. A complete restyle produced a modern, intuitive, and simpler user interface for both the legacy web application and the accompanying Android app.

The Client

Tag Systems focuses on products that improve the urban parking experience for everyone through the application of technology.

The Problem

Tag Systems' legacy SecurePark application needed to evolve from a single parking provider application into a subscription based parking management system that can support multiple providers across different countries.

The Solution

Scale the existing SecurePark application into a SaaS subscription based parking management system that supports multiple parking service providers and processes transactions across varying payment platforms and currencies.

Restyle and rebranding

Both the legacy SecurePark web application and Android app appeared dated and needed a complete refresh to become a modern and robust system.

Subscription Based

By scaling SecurePark to a subscription based system, multiple parking service providers have access to a proven enforcement system with the choice of monthly or annual payment options.

Configurable Payment Platform

SecurePark is a customizable system that allows parking service providers to select their own preferred payment platform for processing all credit card transactions for a chosen currency.

Content Management

Each parking service provider has full control to manage violations, cost/payment structures, lots, and staff needed to support business operations. All data is backed up nightly.

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