Snazzy Maps

Create and share beautiful styles for Google Maps.

The Client

All over the globe, web developers and designers were tired of implementing Google Maps with standardized styles. The maps rarely matched the rest of the site’s design, sticking out like a sore thumb. However, a little known fact: Google Maps can actually be styled!

The Problem

Google released a relatively unknown feature that allowed their maps to be styled by developers and designers. When we noticed many were unaware of this feature, we decided to create a community for developers to share their own styles for Google Maps.

The Solution

We created a website to showcase and share map styles with the development community. All styles are licensed under creative commons and are free to use. The best part: developers can use the style builder to create and submit their own map styles for display.

User Experience

We wanted the creation and discovery of new styles to be quick and easy. An intuitive style builder helps developers create new styles. As for browsing available styles, we feature some recently submitted styles, add tags to each style, and allow people to search by color.


In an effort to give back to the development community, we made all styles free to use. Developers can share their map styles with the world. We also provide all the necessary code and downloadable examples, so it’s easy to use the styles.

Search Engine Optimization

After launching Snazzy Maps, the site was featured on dozens of influential blogs. Optimized meta tags and page titles helped target searches for specific styles for Google Maps. Top-ranking results for multiple search terms helps to continually drive daily traffic from Google.

App Programming Interface

An open API allows the community to develop creative tools. Third parties can create applications and plugins to expand upon our site’s functionality. This encourages more sources to use our data, which in turn establishes our site as the authority for map styles.

"Snazzy Maps is a community-driven repository of maps styles for the Google Maps JavaScript API. The site contains a number of high-quality, beautiful, and useful map styles."

— Paul, Google Maps API Developer

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