St. Joseph High School

A web and iPhone app allowing students to access school services.

The Client

Administration and teachers from St. Joseph High School have always been interested in engaging and updating students through the technology they use on a daily basis. As such, they wanted to find new ways to educate students by incorporating modern devices.

The Problem

The staff wanted to create a type of “hub” for school information and management. This included managing and providing courses, timetables, learning resources, and public transportation information.

The Solution

We built an iOS and mobile web app which allowed students to register for classes, make their own timetable, and access course media and podcasts. Students can also view maps of the school, add notes to a personal agenda, browse the teacher directory, and receive school notifications. They can even view transit information for the LRT and buses! On the management side, staff can edit courses and calendar events, assign teachers to a course, upload media, send notifications to students, review timetables submitted by students, and manage user accounts.

Online Learning

Students can access media and podcasts for each course. This allows the teachers to provide and update the content students can access from their mobile devices.

iOS Application

A native iOS app was created for students to use on iPods and iPhones. The app provides the same functionality as the mobile web app. Students can even access some of the content offline.

Content Management

Teachers have the ability to add and remove videos, podcasts, and other resources. Staff can also manage students and the timetable they submit.

Education Workflow

Students can see the different paths they can take to receive the courses they need. If teachers create a new stream of courses, the paths students can take will be updated.

"Thanks again guys for all your hard work on this. I am certain it is going to help with recruiting this year."

— Brad, St. Joseph High School

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