Track and share your world travel.

The Client

Avid travellers love sharing where they've been and what they've seen. However, sharing this information online has always been limited to travel blogs and photo albums.

The Problem

Over time the list of places you've been to becomes too long to remember and trips blur together. As travellers ourselves, we became frustrated with existing applications and craved more information about our travels.

The Solution

We created a website where travellers can enter the trips they've taken in order to build a stylish record of their travel history. With this data we can present a unique place to share your world travel with friends and family.

Travel Profile

We wanted travellers to be able to show off their entire travel history in one place. A customizable profile allows users to share their travel with the world.

Document Your Trips

Create beautiful records of past trips by adding the stops you’ve made. Add as much detail as you want including arrival/departure dates, excursions, and photos.

Interactive Travel Map

Browse your globe-trotting adventures on an interactive map. Never forget where your favourite stops and out-of-the-way places are again.

View Travel Stats

View comprehensive stats about your journeys across this earth. See how many countries you’ve visited, how far you’ve travelled, and much, much more.

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