A thorough process creates great products.

We believe following a well-developed process is key to creating quality products. Our steps below have been perfected over the years to ensure we deliver products that please clients and make us proud.

Your Idea

It all starts with an idea. Whether you’ve been thinking about it for awhile, or it comes as a sudden wave of genius, it’s there in your head. You think, “eureka! This will change the way I do work.” After being impressed with Atmist’s innovative and functional apps, you contact us.

Outcome: The Idea

Discovery & Research

We set up an initial meeting with you. After listening to your idea and gathering requirements, we create user stories to outline the features of your application. (A user story is a simple phrase that describes an action to be taken. For example: “As a user, I need to log into the app.”) We then send all user stories to you for approval and set up a meeting to discuss any discrepancies.

Outcome: User Stories

Estimate & Plan

Once the user stories are approved, we create high level mockups of the application. We use both the mockups and user stories to create a project plan outlining the necessary work. Estimates are prepared. We combine the plan and the estimate into a proposal, which is sent to you for approval.

Outcome: Project Proposal


Our graphic designer creates detailed mockups. These mockups illustrate the application’s look and feel. They also include necessary visual identity components (e.g. logos, typography, and illustrations). We meet with you to discuss the mockups and gain feedback. After a couple revisions and alterations, you happily approve.

Outcome: Detailed Mockups


Your input deserves to be heard. That’s why we involve you throughout the coding process. Our development work happens in two-week cycles, called sprints. After every sprint, we deploy our work to a test environment. Here you can test new features and provide feedback. These iterations ensure you receive the product you want.

Outcome: Feature Complete


After approving the final application, you choose the go-live date. Our team deploys your app to the production environment. We perform a smoke test to ensure quality, as well as set up any required analytics. Your application is now live!

Outcome: Product Release

Wrap Up

We believe in our work. Our team provides you with a one-year support plan. Additionally, we follow up with you to make sure everything is working as intended. If any issues arise, we will fix them in a timely manner. Like before, you’ll be able to test the changes and decide on the deployment date. We’re only happy when you’re happy.

Outcome: One-Year Support

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