Present real-life examples by creating a custom-made simulator.

Simulations can help students visualize concepts and apply their knowledge. They can also train individuals and conduct experiments. So what are the benefits? Simulators provide real-world examples when it’s difficult to do so and reduce the the chances of damaging expensive equipment.


Modify variables and see the corresponding results. Learning through experimentation provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts being taught. And it’s fun!


Realistic animations show students what’s happening in a visually engaging way. Best of all, by animating the results of their experiment, they’ll be able to learn the all-important “why” behind the results.

Mathematical Modelling

From matrices to ordinary differential equations, we’ll translate your mathematical models into a dynamic simulator. Our team utilizes well-known math libraries to produce accurate results.

Graphs & Output

How we display outputs is based upon what your project needs. Some options include data formatted for excel, graphs exported to images, and even PDF files with custom layouts.

Case Study

The Project


The Client

Researchers at the University of Alberta

The Problem

Creating an educational simulator to teach students about neuroscience concepts. The simulator needed to let students specify experiment parameters, run an animation of results, and print the graphical output.

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