Easily collect the information you need with an online survey.

Online surveys can increase participation rates and reduce the costs of data entry. Moreover, it’s simple to manage users, incorporate complex question flows, and present the survey in multiple languages.

Data Collection

Reduce time and money spent on conducting surveys via phone or mail. An online survey can accurately collect and validate form submissions. Easy access to the survey can also increase participant numbers.

Dynamic Survey Flow

Handling complex surveys are no problem. We can implement conditional logic and custom survey flows to match your study. Even send follow-up questionnaires to participants automatically!

User Management

Manage participants by allowing visitors to signup or by sending invites to specific individuals. View participant information inside the web app and export data in a variety of formats.


By providing your survey in multiple languages, participants can choose their preferred language from a set of available options. Perfect for increasing participation or surveying non-native English speakers.

Case Study

The Project

Alberta Chinese Women Health Project

The Client

Researchers at the University of Alberta

The Problem

Creating a survey and educational resource to teach participants about cervical cancer. The site needed to include multiple language options, an initial questionnaire, and a follow-up questionnaire. They also needed to export information collected from the study.

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