Simplify your business by managing workflows online.

Creating a workflow app will allow you to get back to what you love. Reduce administration work and redundant tasks, facilitate sales, provide self-service to clients, and more. The possibilities are endless with a custom application.

Business Process Management

Automate common tasks. We’ll work with you to create models of your current processes and find ways to optimize them. Our team uses a variety of modelling techniques including evaluating critical paths and creating flow diagrams. Focus on your business by simplifying complex workflows.


Security is a serious matter. Implementing role management with proper authentication and authorization checks are necessary in all business applications. If you have privacy impact assessments to meet, we can also host your applications within Canada.

External APIs

API stands for application programming interface. These interfaces allow us to interact with external services you may have in place at your organization. Whether it’s payment gateways, like Moneris, or dropping files to legacy systems, we can build apps to communicate with existing software.


We can provide comprehensive reporting on your business processes. By gathering data from the system, we can implement analytics to find the information you need. This information can be displayed in a variety of formats, including graphs and CSV files (Excel spreadsheets).

Case Study

The Project


The Client

Any university or college focused on assisting students and alumni in making the transition from academia to work.

The Problem

Creating a modern, self-service applications for both employers and students. The application needed to facilitate the process of providing career services, like job postings.

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